Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Advice for 6th Grade

                                       Advice for 6th graders for Mr.Gonzalez's class

                   1. Once the teacher has given you your orders do them first. Don't procrastinate.

                   2. If you are stuck on something and don't know what to do, don't be afraid to ask for help

                   3. Teamwork is a great way to strive to success. Helping one another will help in difficult

                                          Do this and you should have a great year good luck!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

World Solutions

Everyone is probably aware of the problems with our ecosystem, such as one of the most terrible problem pollution. Pollution is a worldwide problem that makes our rivers and oceans and even the creatures that live in the water die, many places around the world deal with this problem every day as their trash fills the water. Pollution begins when people start throwing their unneeded items such as cans and plastic bottles into the nearest river or ocean, eventually the water gets so filled with junk that the water becomes toxic, but it's not just toxic for us it's toxic to everything that has contact to the water.

Here's a website to more water pollution if you want to make a stop to it...

But it's not just pollution you have to be afraid of...
Something known as global warming has also affected our planet highly.
Global warming is basically our planet's climate is getting hotter and hotter by the second witch can in some cases can affect creatures that live in colder climates. This states that this could lead to these animals to become exinct. Just imagine having to go to a museum to show your kid what a penguin was. But this problem also continues to harm our lakes and rivers as they get warmer, and the poor creaures that live below in the water have no way to stop it.

this here is a whole website dedicated to preventing this...

Please, make an end to this, and make your story have a happy ending.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Preventing River Pollution

                                                             River pollution       

Water pollution comes in many forms such as Industrial waste, marine dumping, atmospheric deposition, and sewage and wastewater. What does this mean? Well let’s take a look... https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/0/00/Jakarta_slumlife71.JPG
This is an image of Industrial waste that has reached a town and is helpless to defend itself from it. Industrial waste is trash created from industries and are dumped in oceans or rivers,                              
why is this bad?                                                                                                                                 Because living organisms that live in aquatic environments can be affected by the trash such as fish, but it’s not only the fish that get affected it’s the animals that feed on the fish as well, for example bears, bears eat salmon and if the salmon supply lessens then the bear species could have a chance of endangerment. See if pollution gets to us first, we could be talking about world pollution. an>
An Incident occurred January 9 2014 where in west Virginia 300,000 people were told not to drink their tap water due to a contamination of a nearby river, that day there were about 2,100 victim claims that complained of skin redness and Itchiness, and reported to poison control, many other victims also reported 
stomach ache along with gastrointestinal water contamination symptoms.
Please do not end up like these 300,000 unaware victims of river pollution, and help fight this vigorous 
problem. Now let me tell you how to prevent this…My recommendation is recycle all plastic and trash all metals and other items, doing this small daily chore you can change the world!!

Here is a bibliography dedicated to river pollution.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

My 5th blog: Emm lesson 2

Me:"During emm lesson 2, we basically created these batteries that actually worked and lit up the lightbulb that was connected to it. In doing this we used four things; a strip of zinc, a strip of  copper,  copper sulfate and a lght bulb (grain of wheat). We strapped the zinc, copper and the light bulb together with a rubber band and then dipped it into the copper sulfate. It created energy that lit up the bulb like an actual battery does."

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

My 4th blog: The letter from Mount Saint Helens to Mount Rainier

Dear, Mount Rainier

My previous eruption as you noticed from afar, had a very large ash cloud. The lateral blast that happened to me is going to take some rebuilding to do. I'm sorry about all the destruction I caused and all the homes and lives I took, but it's not really like you can control it.
My eruption was caused by all the magma that was built up inside of me over the years, and when I couldn't hold anymore all of it got released. I guess that's why I made such a large ash cloud eh,
you'll experience it for yourself during your next eruption.
But it's probably a little hard for you to erupt over in the cold climate you live in, but you'll manage.
I also realized that the lake near me, Spirit Lake, has become toxic. Since my last eruption, lahar flowed down to the water making it toxic. It saddens me that my favorite lake was affected in a horrible way by me, but it's an act of nature. Well until next eruption old pal!

                                                                                   from: Mount Saint Helens

Saturday, November 19, 2016

My second blog: Is mount saint helens catastrophic?

  • Mount Saint Helens, the mountain that erupted back in 1980.
  •  Turns out every day or so the mountain changes the surface of the earth As it's lava dome grows and adds up, it fills the crater to bursting.
  • It also changed the surface of the earth during it's eruption, as the whole side of the mountain collapsed and created mud flows carrying all the debris down to Spirit Lake. It turned Spirit Lake toxic to all life forms.
  •  Before the eruption, Mount Saint Helens was a beautiful picturesque wonder of nature. During the eruption people were not expecting how big the damage and the numerous lives it took. Even though people were warned and prepared, the destruction was worse than anyone could think of. After the chaos, the people were shocked at the devastation and changes created by the eruption. The trees were burned and downed, MSH was flattened, new hills were formed, livelihoods were changed.
  •  Even though something could be so beautiful and magnificent, it's true potential could be destructive.

Friday, November 18, 2016

7 random facts about me

  1. My favorite animal is the pig
  2. My favorite video game is minecraft
  3. the best food I've ever tasted is steak
  4. my Dad works as a nurse
  5. my Mom works as a caregiver
  6. I used to have a pet beta fish named fighter
  7. my birthday is on August 11